Friday, June 3, 2016

power scrubs

I needed them today once again and they did not fail me.  It was performance improvement time for me once again and I scurried as fast as I could to get her done.  Only I'm too old to scurry much, you know?  The tasks at hand are not daunting unless multi tasking comes into play where you have to do ten things at once.  Nobody can write an SOP with that going on!  Fortunately I had time to do a few through dollar store glasses with papers here there and yon.  It's a process and I am organizationally impaired at best.  Maybe I'll learn some useful skills.

I killed the washer by putting pillows in it so here comes Kevin this afternoon to admonish me to never EVER do pillows or comforters because geez....I got a rebuilt washer last time for the price of a service call.  His kids are great and life is hard.  He gets about a quarter a year raise and so do I though we are in entirely different professions.
 Corporate has come and gone and I never saw him but there was lots of historical research done according to Bubba.  We had gone to the library some years ago to try and find this place on the original deed map and we had it picked just right according to other records.  This was when land was FREE y'all.  Imagine that.  Also discovered was the little nugget that my Pawpaw sold Harvey's dad some land in the early fifties.  I knew that he was the manager of the properties and that's how Daddy came on board with the Calcutt farm 62 years ago.  UCMTSU y'all.

The history here is sacred like that of any community.  Elders tell me daily about growing up out here when there was a school and South Dyersburg was thriving.  My parents told me it was known as Little Chicago for all the crime and whatnot associated with the river traffic near Main Street.  I have honest to god pictures of old churches sitting proudly on city corners that now have banks and parking lots.  But I regress.  In a million years I could not describe to you the pure excitement I felt when Ms Mary Crawford and Juanita came into my life.  What is now my dining room was the bedroom her little sister almost died in.  She told me how her Daddy just cried like a baby.   There were swans in a pond out back, she said.  And a chute for peonies to ride from the fields to the packing area in the basement.  The huge dairy barn was home to a custom chicken farm and I even have a copy of the  catalog * somewhere* along with Ed Wright's photo as a boy by the asparagus packing shed.  It sat right across the lane from Casa Poops.  Ms Mary was four years old when she moved here.  There was another peony farm on a ridge over by where the elementary school is now.  Peony Ridge, I believe.

More later ~

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