Saturday, June 25, 2016


The new modem came yesterday and right off the bat I discovered that I had thrown away the phone cord not realizing I still had to have it.  HOWEVER no more bright yellow Ethernet cable snaking around and a lot fewer cords to trip over.  I'm now totally mobile as long as there's wifi available where I go.  Which is most everywhere these days!!  The lady at the ATT store told me I didn't need the pricier "hot spot" since most of what I do is at home.  I thought that was nice of her because I'm an easy target when it comes to services and their use to me personally.  It's a learning curve and I'm a few years behind.  I do know you can't use your phone for a hot spot for very long unless you have a very large data package, which I do.  Since BG has been off her phone the usage has plummeted. 

I was really looking forward to sleeping in but noooooo.  Lily started with her crap about six so it was useless to try.  I had to wait for the 'gentral to open to get garbage bags and phone line so I stopped by the busy gas station next door for breakfast where the usual group of men hunkered over a table discussing life.  One of them is our constable and even has his own car.  He served me with a warrant one time from Capitol One. That was my one and only time to be served and I immediately called my friend Mark and asked him to meet me in court which he did.  This is the very same guy who served as a pallbearer for both of my parents.  What a good friend.  There was a beautiful red vintage car on a trailer outside the store and everybody who came in asked about it.  Dude was sitting there in the huddle and said he was taking it to the shop to work on it.....whenever he got motivated.  Heh.

The corn is full blown now, obscuring my view of most everything.  I see all kinds of critters coming in and out of the rows from my vantage point on the potty.  Yesterday I thought there was a chicken which made me think that one of Beverly's girls got loose but she said they were put up so I don't know where this bird came from.  The raccoons are everywhere and tear open any bag of garbage around plus the sack of thistle seed.  I'm an animal lover but those guys and possums give me the creeps.  And of course, Mr. Snake.

I have so much to be thankful for.  The family that I have left is true blue and always there for me.  Our little tribe has been through so much loss together recently and we are still grieving.  Sometimes little memories surface of my parents that bring tears, but more often than not I share stories with others who remember them fondly and can laugh along with me.  Annie and I were discussing Mama's non-compliance with wakeup time at the home and how mad it made her when they tried to get her up at 6:30.  This woman never even thought about getting up before 10 until she left the cabin.  They finally struck a truce with she dining on Bubba's weekly groceries in the comfort of her own room. 

One of my "kids" is coming by for a visit today, a guy who was a fixture around here back in the day.  His family is long gone from the burg but he still comes around now and then to see old friends.   The house is somewhat presentable now even though you have to find your own chair for the "round table" that's really oblong.  ONE of these days, I'll have a living room/office worthy of visitors.  Maybe by Christmas, ya think?

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