Monday, June 20, 2016

things i miss

Some 20 years after debit became a thing, I'm almost paperless in t he finance department which is good because I'm not good at that sort of know keeping up with papers.  I suppose I've been spoiled by the age of computers to rely on them for everything.  Anywho, that's in the past.  All I have to do is be prudent and check the balance daily.  Plus, I'm working on the car situation so I can get the hell out of dodge when I need to.  A nice young man in Jackson is working on that for me and since it's a complicated order and 100 degrees I appreciate the effort.  I'm texting the hell out of him.

One of our many discussions today at the sawmill was about food deserts and how that impacts people, especially the elderly and poor.  Plus, it pisses me off too.  The closest grocery to my house is five miles thanks to the back to back floods that wiped out The Plaza.  That was everybody's daily stop heading south out of the 'burg.  He stayed open 'til 7 so not to worry if you were running late.  He cut the fresh meat for years and then his son Kenny jumped on board with it.  Folks would skip Kroger and head straight to the plaza for a good steak.  He stocked everybody's favorite beer and back then only six packs of Mich Ultra but he never ran out.   There were real live straw brooms and brillo pads and an entire cave devoted to soda pop. There was also a to die for restaurant on the highway by the same name.  When I was going there Mayfair Bailey was the proprietor.  They had real live piano playing on valentine's day!  It went from elegant to "in the style of food bar" to bikers and then karaoke.  Lerd, what a history.   My daddy's 70th birthday party was there because it was a hang out and drink coffee with the guys kind of place.  Shooting the shit, so to speak.

This time last year we were reeling from some fresh losses unaware that the worst was yet to come.  I'm glad I didn't because I would probably have run away to Fiji!  My soul is weary with all the bickering and trolling and downright meanness in this world.  This is where fantasy comes into play.  So what if I'm not a conspiracy theorist or a political minion.  There's one thing I've never been and that's a sheeple.  Yes Nazis..that's a word.  Google that bitch.

"Leave room for the spirit to work."   Billy Yates

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