Saturday, June 11, 2016

it takes a village

I don't have a truck and it's been kind of umm...busy lately so Mo offered to help me move my picks out of Casa Grands and up on the hill.  The air is off and we had a shitload of stuff to move so it was one big sweaty girl event.  She confessed that she lied to Mama at Christmas when she was asked if she used the china.  Hell it was still sitting there in the corner of an empty house.  We enjoyed crawling through and touching stuff but definitely had to have help with the china cabinet.  I just happen to have a mighty good neighbor whose wife will share him for the important things like boosting or hauling.  While Millette and I got it into the truck easily, up the steps at my house was tough.  It took all three of us!  It now sits proudly against the pastel wall of my dining room waiting to be cleaned and filled.  As blessings go, having these folks for neighbors is on the top of my list.  

My failing eyesight has prompted a switch to bold which is more than past due for a daily blogger. As many times as I have to go back and edit something it makes sense not to squint.  My friend Chris is an entrepreneur with a vision toward the future in terms of the work force of our future.  His focus is on ideas and sharing of resources by locals who have marketable talent.  He was the teacher of a program I attended called CoStarters and it was fabulous.  I see great things coming for that building located across from Pennington Seed and Supply also known as the flower crack dealer.  There used to be a cat that slept on the straw bales out front.  And of course, I have a pic somewhere.  

So, there's some crappie frying going on later and I'm sure I've already been invited so there's dinner.  For now, in the heat of the day, I'm drying off and getting cool.  And piddling of course.  The healing has begun and it's a blessing too.  I love everybody and you're next!

Gratitude ~

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