Wednesday, June 22, 2016

where there's a will

It's been hot as blue blazes around here so the monsoon that hit yesterday was quite welcome.  As I cruised through southtown the first fat drops began to fall and it was a steady downpour by the time I pulled up to the home our mayor Mozella.  She was sitting under the carport watching it fall and greeted me with a big hug.  "Come on in baby" she said.  Her house is always dark to save on the electric but I know my way to the dining area which is where we do our business.  Her old friend nurse Sally used to give her b12 shots but I took over after she died.  She claims it puts pep in her 96 year old step. As we stood in the dark talking about BG the most ferocious clap of thunder shook the tiny house.  Also a Methodist, she looked heavenward and said "I guess we heard God huh?'  We did a selfie and I was on my way home for happy hour.

The rain got heavier and faster and the power flickered once but never went out.  It was then I discovered not only had the modem been fried but also the desktop.  I immediately sought advice on how to get around that issue and pulled out the laptop this afternoon with phone next to.  Problem solved for the moment.  While I was taking a blog break yesterday and feeling kind of antsy I realized that it is an addiction.  The peace that comes from weaving stories is something that I can't describe because seriously?  You can't make this shit up.

We live in an age where technology tells us ten years before what's going to happen and then everybody starts getting all freaked out when the climate goes berserk.  We have mass shootings on a weekly basis because assault style weapons are everywhere.  And still, they think Obama's gonna take their pistol.  Keep your single or double barrel.  Have fun with it.  Just please in the name of Big Ernie secure it.  Kids are everywhere. I have this idea for a new video game where the second amendment nuts chase each other with  AK15s.

It was time for the ancient Dell to die so that I can transition into a new way of communicating.  Without a modem, the land line goes.  I just bought that sucker for a hundred bucks too.  GEEZ.  My phones are, however, out of contract so they might want to keep me happy.  I need those big yellow keys that my mother used as she typed her last.  Annie and I talk often about what it's like to be blind.  She and Mom had that in common but their sweet spirits are so much alike it brings me tons of joy, plus she grew up with Daddy in Roellen.

Mozella asked if I had a picture of her father Son's house and I told her I'm sure it was there SOMEWHERE among Mom's meticulous recording of the history that was our home.  Old pictures.  Letters.  The woman was an organized hoarder, if that makes sense.  She strove all her life to overcome obesity and successfully did it finally.  But growing up, she manifested that pain in being Miss Everything.  That's one of the many ways we differed.

There is a messenger dinging every few minutes from the DHS Class of 1973.  People are leaving the group in droves.  Think it's going viral or something?  I'm sitting in the kitchen in a  yoga pose concentrating on a different keyboard and not really making that many mistakes.  Thank you Nancy Austin and Joey Patten for typing class. 

And I ramble on and on.  I'm getting used to the aloneness of being without a daily conversation with Lauren.  Other folks come out of the blue and check in just to make sure I'm not having a meltdown.  I am still quite humble and in awe of the way that God works in our lives even through tragedy.  I can honestly say that I've never really questioned my higher power once I understood the meaning of true love. Bad things happen to good people.....allowing lawmakers to fund that and be pompous about it is a crime.  Every good and even bad person who has died because of gun laws are dead because nobody has the balls to cut off the cash flow.  It's a huge business.  We've been sitting ducks for years just waiting for this moment.  Get.A.Grip. I'm off tomorrow and will car shop either online of in the cooler(er) of morning.  And that will be after I sleep without an alarm.  You soooo wish you were me.


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