Tuesday, December 31, 2013

lunch with the girls

I rarely eat in restaurants unless I'm with my parents and they're paying. I used to go to Mexico regularly but the salsa sisters got separated and that went by the wayside about the same time my financial situation went south. I got off early today and met some women that I've grown up with and gotten closer as we age. We met at a funky little downtown deli that does a booming business with the locals. We were loud as heck and had a ball! I hesitated to take off knowing that it might be a bit of a hardship for my co-workers but we share and share alike when it comes to important things usually. On occasion, drama will rare its' ugly head when tempers are short and people are feeling self righteous. For the most part that sucks and I try to avoid the people who spew that kind of hatred disguised as love for the lord. BTW..women are really REALLY bad about that and I will be the first to admit it. One of my lunch mates is a massage therapist and she did a little probono eval of my shoulder situation. As she gave me that exercise I was mighty glad to know that our axe had been buried.

Learning self care has been very hard for me because I was raised to be Wonderwoman or someone of her ilk, and one who can fix/cure/manipulate/control any and all situations that arise. I know, it's a damn curse. Recovery from co-dependency has been an extremely long road for me, one that started 26 years ago and is never ending. I am becoming a survivalist in that when my body says hell to the naw or I'm ready to climb the water tower, I take appropriate steps to regroup and find some sort of happy place again. Which is where I sit right now. It's do or die time on this eve of a new year. Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya.


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