Wednesday, December 11, 2013

biofreeze dreams

My shoulder still hurts and if I were one to use prescription pain medicine as directed, I would have begged somebody for some yesterday afternoon. By six PM my ass was in the bed with dogs after watching a Breaking Bad marathon of season 1 episodes in BG's room where the TV is. She and her buddies made candy and a huge mess which she is cleaning up right now. As I was coming in this morning a hearse pulled into the lot right as I turned to park in back and I thought to myself "self, this is what happens when people die." Some of them die in there but many more die at home with hospice or home health care to aid struggling baby boomers caught with the double burden of aging parents and post WS crash adult children still at home. With lots of student debt and nothing but minimum wage available. I got what I signed up for in affordable post secondary education that helped me to get a steady job which I still hold. That's not the climate today in job markets and it can be really disillusioning for those who learned too late that a college degree doesn't mean shit in this economy. That makes me sad.

After work I cruised by Casa Grands and daddy met me at the door with his jacket on, ready for his chiropractic appointment. Those fit very nicely into his tidy little schedule. Walking the yard, I spotted many more down and a warmer day tomorrow which happens to be mine off so there you go. I'll probably have to adjust my picking position thanks to this pesky shoulder thing but it can be done if one is persistent and faithful enough. Just slow down and enjoy the ride gurrrl. We still have ice on the ground a week post which is pretty unusual in Tennessee. Normally except in mountainous areas, it's invisible in a couple of days. I like it that way.

The setting sun is shining in my face as I type and look out over the snow covered yard of a house that I've lived in for 25 years. The winter before we moved in was dedicated to reconstruction and I couldn't WAIT to move in. There was a deep snow that January and I really noticed cardinals for the first time in my life. I was 33 years old and neck deep in the most incredibly painful grief work. When I shared the experience of my grandmother's death with my first therapist she told me that sometimes "grandma's ghost" hangs around for a while. This is the very same woman who gave me the backbone to continue be bold and spiritual, no matter what others think. Even men.

Tonight is Booger night so I imagine we'll have something to watch like Elf. We're still looking at tree options and counting quarters. No lights to be found which probably means they were on the damn tree when I torched it. I've had so many fires the city folks don't even bother to come over and stop me. It gives 'em something to look at from the golf course!

Merry and bright!

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