Sunday, December 8, 2013

snow day

As if Friday's ice wasn't enough (but thanks Big E for the six hour delay)we got another half inch or so last night. We all woke up around daylight following an early bedtime. Boogs and his mama piled up with BG and I took the dogs. Mom knew last night she wouldn't be attempting church on the ice with a walker but daddy was determined he was going. That is, until every church in town put out a notice that services are cancelled due to inclement weather. Okay then, watch some more Gunsmoke.

We still have no tree since I burned the ancient silk one in a fit of pyromania after last year. It's live or nothing! The ornaments are here and there in boxes and baskets in the office/living room that has no place to sit. It's pretty impressive in here now considering what it looked like in late summer when pickers were weaving their way through the piles. Looking back on that whole adventure makes me smile remembering all the folks I know who just enjoyed the heck out of being here on the lane. It is a remarkable place with a premium view and in the snow it is gorgeous. I've not been feeding my bird friends which I shall fix as soon as we get a thaw. Also on the list is a trip for daddy to unblock his ears. Bubba swears it's wax but I think he's just being ornery..nah. Not really, but he CAN be ornery on occasion. It's called a runnin' Stafford fit.

Pride came thundering over the ice toward me this morning when he saw the hay I was putting out. His mane is frozen with little icicles on the edges. Old dude has seen a lot of winters from inside that fence looking up toward my kitchen window as if to say "feed me". He is an ornery ass as well. Usually when I approach with food he turns his butt toward me 'til I drop it. I think he knows I'm a liberal.

^j^ Peace and love.

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