Monday, December 2, 2013

playing to the crowd

There is something distinctly cowardly about only putting things into words and not taking the time to make eye contact and share thoughts. It ain't a race, ya'll. We're all gonna turn into zombies anyway so we might as well just slow down and enjoy the ride. It's a guilty pleasure for me to pour out my heart and know that there are people who read those words and are reminded to think of a different way of life besides the strict orderly one that most people live. Peace and love, ya'll.

Work is work and nothing much to report there because, as we all know, HIPPA provides for strict patient confidentiality. You even get a paper that says that! We're in our own little groove now getting ready to let go of one of our own and not real sure what's on the other end. It's what happens when as they say in all those corny board meetings "The rubber meets the road" that matters. I believe I'm a part of a team with those kind of players most of the time, and I'll take most over never. Nothing is perfect and according to my friend Mahala who named one of her superiors Bossholio, things could be a lot worse. The cadi is still in the shop and my benefactor John is as well. Following extensive surgery to remove a goiter (not my employer so there!) he's struggling to recover from being in OR for so long. Happy thoughts and hippie music dear friend!

There's a miracle in progress around here and all I can say is thank you sweet baby jeebus because I was about to lose my everloving faith in humanity. As a matter of fact there are LAYERS of them and that's always a good thing. I had thought about doing a post about ten things that you don't know about pecan picking but there's that pesky list and number thing and I'm an out of the box kind of person. You know those things that hardware stores sell that look like a great idea to pick standing up and just tapping the ground with the rows of metal. Unless you have no leaves or gravel (good luck with that) they're more trouble than they're worth. One of my random observations over the years has been that the drainage ditch is a honeyhole for the nuts. This is the very same ditch that you wouldn't catch me in on a dare during snake season. Just saying.


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