Thursday, December 19, 2013

have yourself a merry little something

Well well, here it is almost ladies night and I'm sitting here thinking about going to bed before it gets dark because my body hurts dammit. I stopped at the bottom of the lane to pick up a few pecans and discovered quite by accident that the whatever in my shoulder that aches all the time is what you use when you pitch. I rared back to throw a bad pecan to the side and almost passed out in the freakin' ditch. My pecan partners cashed in yesterday and I got 20 bucks which I promptly lost somewhere up in this scattered mess of a house.

Now only those of you who read about what's going on in the holler will get this piece of mischief but it's like.......totally beautiful. Seems that some lowlife loser of a guy has been using TA for awhile and she didn't realize it until he dumped her. Mama bear promptly posted his FB link and I hit him up for a friend. He accepted first and then said "have we met?". There is much potential in this situation for book fodder which we both tend to think about as we tell our stories. And in case you think about stealing my idea...go for it. It's a free country! Duck Dynasty. Okay folks I know they've given you hours of entertainment pleasure and the parent company of A&E is doing the happy dance but REALLY?????? What slays me is the uproar that seems to be a cross between Black Friday and guns. And by the way? That's not a very safe feeling for a peace lover like me.

It's 60 degrees here but the rain, she is a coming soon. There's even a chance of severe right here on the weekend before Christmas. If it's raining tomorrow I guess I'll have to go to cousin Mo's without Mama because she can't hold an umbrella AND a walker, ya know. That's her excuse anyway. Not to sound like a Miss America contestant, I must admit that what I pray for more than anything is world peace in the sense that we all just accept each other in spite of cultural differences and hold hands as children of Big Ernie.

I'd like to teach the world to sing ^j^

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