Friday, December 27, 2013

'twas the day after christmas

And I was back at it with a vengeance if not a lot of vigor. This being Black thursday and all, I was tickled to death to just bypass the mall and big box stores and head on home to the lane. Even at clearance prices, I don't need anything that badly. I think I finally turned the corner with my shoulder today probably because I broke down and called the FNP who saw me two weeks ago begging for steroids. It's a good thing I'm a tough old broad! It's that time again when everybody reflects on the joys and sorrow of the previous year. BTW said FNP's office just called and said they couldn't prescribe me "pain medicine" when I clearly stated that I needed some sort of steroid to help with the healing process. Back in the day I used to get called at all hours of the day and night from work but our team has matured to the point that it rarely happens so I KNEW when I saw my friend's number on the phone something major was up at 2:15 this morning. Another poor co-worker has called in with the worst sounding epizootie I've ever witnessed and they were slammed. I told her to give me one more hour to sleep and call back.

About the time I turned over to catch that other hour, BG came in from a loooong night with friends for "old times sake" and was banging around so I just got the eff up and went to work. We had a quick strategy meeting and got the job done in no time flat. There is a certain comfort that comes from working with people who all know the drill and are willing to help each other to serve the patient in the best way possible. I remember back in the day when we were all trying to impress our respective communities and there was a new and improved customer relations tool being rolled out every six months or so. Now the focus is more on safety which is quite important. All the HR people in the world can't make someone want to do their job well if they don't want to. It's a gift, of healing and service to the sick.

I'm quite puzzled by how many corporate types fail to recognize that a customer well served will become a repeat customer. Now that we all know what's in McNuggets and how they treat their people (OH and not just them!) what is the point of wheeling through the takeout lane in a big old honking gas guzzler of a vehicle? Global warming...remember? I feel sure that there are many startup businesses in this era of save the earth consciousness who would just LOVE to get your business. And you're not supporting China! Win-win, if you ask me. But nobody did so I reckon I'll just mosey around and piddle until dark. Naps make me very cranky so I hold out for the big lay-down where there's no waking up all foggy headed and whatnot. It's time for those back to back 12 hours of snooze that keep an old girl going.

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  1. It is really true that a lot can get done, and done well when the focus is on the job and not the glory. Kind of the same thing happened at the power plant after we matured a little. The holidays are great but there can be a quiet comfort in getting back to the old routines. Hope you have a nice day Jane.