Tuesday, December 3, 2013

it's a merkel, dammit!

I'm happy these days, much more so that I can remember for many years on end and amen. Listening to my favorite tunes and chair dancing with a random slap or two on the desk that has never produced one cent for all of my creativity as a writer and photographer because I'm an "idea person" and can't figure out how to just cut down the list of things to do and do them right now instead of two weeks later. I know, it's a real curse. I could have been featured not only on Hoarders but Pickers this past year. And now Iceocalypse '13. I mean really? I'd rather have freaking snow because it's not so slippery. The first time I ever visited a Tunica casino was after a horrific ice storm between there and Memphis. I was stunned at the damage there and also in KY where my cousin lived. I sit here with two old people down the road who depend on me, four dogs, a special family next door and a shitload of friends all over the world. And you know why? Because of the WWW dammit.

We got the Cadi out of the shop today thanks to Heath and William and it has gas, new alternator, belt and battery. We shall see. Meanwhile the trusty old Camry has only four tires and an iffy battery. Looks like we'll be riding in style over the next week. I heard that my friend John is finally waking up so that's a good thing, as Martha would say. There was this lady who scolded me one time for saying the "F" word on FB just because it wasn't "acceptable". Fuck that! I'm not sure but I think some Christmas angels came to see me at work today. And you know what? I wasn't even surprised.

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