Friday, December 6, 2013

sleighbells ring

Not on this lane, no not at all. Just the trusty old Camry chugging up and down the hill in an inch of slush pulling at the bald tires. The ice storm of the century turned out to be nothing quite as bad as expected, probably because the bulk of it didn't start falling until after day light this morning due to a strong southerly flow keeping the cold front at bay. Kids and teachers got a snow day and even my bank was closed when I stopped by the ATM. Hey, it's Friday and everybody deserves the afternoon off on occasion to get the weekend started in style! As for me and mine, I scooped up six movies that are mine 'til Tuesday so that should be about all I need. Well, that and a beer or 8.

My sister-in-law commented on a piece about black Friday madness and brought up what I think is a valid point. If consumers will fight over the toy du jour, how will they act when it's something they really NEED? The kerosene line yesterday proved to me once again that survival goes to those who learn to adapt and change according to whatever power is in force at the time. Zombieland will be no fun, I'm just tellin' ya.

Speaking of healthcare, which I always do...a piece that I read today was about how the governor of KY is trying to rein in old Mitch McConnell before he can totally destroy the success that is Obamacare KY. This state is among the poorest of the poor and healthcare options for the un or self employed have been totally absent. Thanks to this progressive state for agreeing to expand Medicaid and accept the fed's dollars in order to serve the people who elected them. That's what's up ya'll. Oh, and term limits, just for good measure.

One thing that I must admit to is that I've been spoiled to working one day less a pay period than most folks. Sick leaves and an upcoming retirement are the real challenge right now but we're planning a big Christmas get together with lots of surprises and great food. We haven't all been together in months! Shoutout to bossfriend and Marfie as they recover and prepare to come back into the fold. I've been promising my lawyer friend's office staff a quadruple chocolate pound cake for three years now and I used to be faithful with them until life got in the way. I'm at a peaceful place for the moment and cooking makes me happy.

One more thing guys, and I know all you "close friends of mine" in the banking industry are snarling...student loan debt from the past 20 years has become an anchor on the neck of our entire economy, mostly because they've been tied to financial institutions that are too big to fail. If that debt alone were forgiven, this economy would be booming in three months. Of course that's over a trillion and the other side would go wah-wah about doing THAT creative paper work. It's very simple: If you are not making a hefty payment on a student loan then there is $$ for goods and services that weren't affordable. Easy as pie, kids.

Nobody much came around today unless they were like really sick so we had time to breathe and laugh at Ellen and Gladys who loves Jesus but "drinks a little...just enough to keep her blood thin." Looking back at 36 years of a career that has seen good times and bad, I can't say I'd change a thing except for taking night call for 15 years. That shit is for the birds!

And remember. Don't eat yellow snow!

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