Saturday, December 7, 2013

the high road

There's a funny thing about interpersonal reaction whether it be with friend or foe. As a believer one is constantly facing that fork where you do what is peaceful and loving even if it means walking away. Which I can totally do so don't get me pissed off on FB with your diatribes about how everything is Obama's fault. And no, I still don't miss Dubya and apparently nobody else does either. His lovely wife Laura was guest speaker at a conservative west TN bible college where the faithful attend because mama and daddy said so and it's paid for. My friend Cathy got a ticket for her birthday! I just looked at her like "yay!" and said I think I can pass on that trip. If it was Elvis, maybe. You know he's still alive and living at Graceland. I wonder if all those tourists still come? Choosing the high road is really important especially when faced with decisions that affect others like as an elected leader or a parent.

Here's the thing ya'll...we spend so much time and money on things that we don't need when in fact we should be practicing survival techniques (sans guns). I remember sitting through this incredibly boring seminar on nuclear fallout and how to be a first responder like people who work at hospitals. Meanwhile, Iran sits over there enriching out their ass and sucks up to Russia and Israel according to who's pushing the buttons. I could worry about all that because god knows it's a big hot mess, but I choose not to. If we all blow to high heaven today I'm good and grateful for the life I've enjoyed. If you are financially blessed, please feel free to surprise some struggling writer with shit for a life like BF has done with me. Or just a mother trying hard to feed her single parent household on a minimum wage part timer's salary. They don't choose that life, you know. It has been done to them in the spirit of capitalism. Not victims, but a logical explanation for our current economy.

I finally found the nativity set neatly wrapped and laid in the barn for Christmas 2013. The angel that Gaga made has a broken wing but she's still up in the picture along with Mary and Joseph and sweet baby jeebus. My mother loves Christmas like a little kid and makes the whole thing fun for everybody. They have a living room fireplace and she has spent many Christmas eves covered in a blanket on the couch right up front gazing at the twinkling lights and remembering holidays past. Now their tree is a mini one from the grocery store. Times, they change.

I've rarely given myself the luxury of playing instead of working for the man. I used to love the Christmas season back when it was all full of materialism and greed. But you know what? I love it even more now that I'm broke.

Feliz Navidad!

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