Wednesday, January 1, 2014

a new year dawns

So far it has consisted of waking up without a BC in the house and a locksmith on the way. The Cadi started doing strange things yesterday like honking the horn at will. So BG was up in there crawling around looking for the fuse and accidentally locked the keys in I had already lost the other set so there ya go. Moody came on out and met with her Dad who shelled out the cash. It's been a long time since I've seen a guy with a slim jim in action! They adore each other in that father daughter sort of way that all she has to do is cry "help!" I had a father like that as well. He was short on hugs and i loveyous but always helped me out when I was in a jam. Ain't nothing like having a relative with a tractor when you live in the country during winter.

My friends in Halls are trying to get settled into a routine that works for all involved including one very strong willed very sick man. I'm working in her place tomorrow so she can get a handle on it. Friday will be her last day with us at the sawmill and I'm dreading it already. She's been my early morning partner for many years. I had to laugh when I figured out that autocorrect is calling her Harry when I send a message. Damn autocorrect!

There is a lone pecan picker out in the chilly sunshine up front just enjoying the ride. BG sold what we had yesterday for about 25 bucks, enough for a New Year's eve shirt that we can both wear. There is propane for the upcoming deep freeze unless it lasts a long time in which case I'll be having to sell my first-born again for heat and groceries. However, in spite of the ever changing list of hardships that crop up I believe that I'm where I'm supposed to be at this point in time. When my parents are gone, that will be a different story. They're far from gone, happily sniping at each other from recliner to recliner about stupid little stuff that doesn't matter except to them. It is, however, much better since he can hear!

I woke up this morning to a very sore shoulder again. It hurts like the devil trying to get it stretched out enough to get dressed. The injury has given me a whole new perspective on why my little mama moans and groans when getting up on her shaky knees to grab the walker. After many years of crying and grieving for the loss of life as she knew it, she's found a new peace with books on tape and telephone conversations with long lost friends. Both of which drive him crazy, by the way. Heh.

2013 started on a couple of very bad notes for me most notably Faith's death in November of '12 and continuing with my cousin Debbie's sudden death in the winter of 2013. There was a lot of stress with the grands and even more at the sawmill and I kind of lost it there for awhile, trying to process the losses and keep my head above water. BF sent me the first package of '13 shortly after that which included a mouse pad with pretty girl's picture on it. I will never forget the very first card she sent on that Christmas eve and the explanation was one that speaks volume about philanthropy. "I have been financially blessed and I feel compelled to share." What a wonderful place this world could be if only everybody had that mindset. I mean, you can only spend so much money here on earth. The rest of it goes into an estate that will hopefully allow the executor to pay all the bills. End of legacy.

Everyone has a special something in their soul that begs to be recognized as a talent. I believe that if one is open to the universe and the whisperings of Big Ernie, anything is possible. Change is inevitable and a sense of social justice is necessary for us to even remotely begin to help each other out. There is evil in the world but there is also a ton of goodness and faith. The beautiful thing about faith is knowing that in the end, it is as it was supposed to be. It's what you do along the way that matters.

Peace ~

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