Sunday, December 1, 2013

a day in the life

I was out like a light at 6PM yesterday and didn't roll over until daylight this morning. Promptly rolling out of bed and assuring BG that this isn't Monday so she doesn't have to take me to work. Instead she and her friends went to church and out to lunch which I think is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure it was Booger's first time at both church AND straw! Meanwhile, I joined my parents' neighbor JF picking up pecans. Even though it was early it was quite warm. After that big arctic front moves through, I'll be more than done with it. I had forgotten how the motions involved aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome and *achoo* allergies.

Still no TV except for movies and the damn dollar store player isn't worth the 30 bucks I paid for it or even the CLEARANCE price of 14.99 that I noticed today. meh and pffft!
At one time we had three!! My friend John is still critically ill and I'm worried for him in a prayerful sort of way. The growth in his neck was huge and it took a lot of hours in the OR to get the job done. No trach though, yet. That's a good thing! I am determined to look on the sunny side until the next tragedy slaps me silly.

So back to the subject of nuts. We managed to fill the huge burlap bag about 1/4 full and it already seems heavy. I've been unsuccessful in rounding up a kid to climb the trees so there are still a bunch left waiting for the wind to blow. I took Money Mike a bag and he frowned at the quart size. Okay dude....there will be more! His business is an eclectic mix of the hood and highway traffic which was formerly a poorly run-by-remore ownership kind of deal. Mike is there and so is his brother on the camera somewhere else, constantly watching for the ones who think that you can steal and get away with it.

Eggs and doughnuts were finished and enjoyed when I spotted a familiar face beaming at me from the door. "Hey" she said with a wide grin on that exquisitely beautiful face of hers. When she told me I saw it, but we have never seen each other outside of dirty and sweaty or on the river. She, her husband and my ethereal friend Lorna are beach soulmates. Their store is a potential gold mine in both location and history and the kitchen is red and white and all happy. BG worked there once and learned to scoop crickets and minnows.

Today is the first Sunday in Advent and I can remember lots of years when that included a centerpiece of wreath with candles to be lit one a week until Christmas day when the Christ candle is lit. As a child all I could think about was what I was gonna get and all the good food. Now as an adult with some childish ways, I realize that the majesty and glory of what happened is beyond description. Epiphany is important to me now in more ways than one. I learned about it one Sunday evening in the chapel of my home church and it stuck. Besides, it's a good reason to stretch out the joy. How many times have you found yourself "Wow, I'm glad that's over!" Celebrating the birth of the child who would change modern society deserves to be an enjoyable season, not a lot of financial stress.


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