Monday, December 30, 2013

auld lang syne

I will say somewhat of a goodbye to a very dear co-worker on Friday of this week as she does her duty in retiring to care for a sick husband and grandchildren. I had been at the sawmill for about a year when she and her hub moved to Newbern with two children. Big taught English, tennis and was a football coach revered by many. The little general came to work with us and she is one who never EVER forgot me on my birthday or Christmas. A Kentucky boy, he met little Quaker Sharry who was coming out of a bad divorce and working with the nuns at a Catholic hospital in Illinois, close to Mt.Vernon to be exact. Her parents both died with her driving miles from here to see them. There are regular Christmas visits to her sister's house but there's not many of 'em left there to gather. Susan and Rich are retired and breed golden retrievers that they treat like children.

We have celebrated their weddings, showers and his retirement with much gusto and friendship always in the family living center of Halls UMC II, the one that got built when the tornado demolished #1. My cousin Debbie helped the church members salvage the broken stained glass and make chimes out of them. I still have mine, covered in cobwebs in the kitchen door. It's almost holy, ya know? Somehow I found comfort in her choice of churches because going from a "centered down" sort of thing it was loud and boisterous...even jolly at times! Somehow, I think that's what J would do.

There are plans for a chili supper/party here tomorrow night to see the new year in but I imagine I'll be long gone when the ball drops. Besides we don't have cable, only a cheap dollar store player and four seasons of BB. Things could be worse.

See ya'll next year...hardyharharhar

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