Sunday, December 15, 2013

all i want for christmas

My mood is something that I've not been able to really identify today other than tired from the dull ache in my shoulder. "The bitch" already lived there right on top of the blade and this just kicked her into high gear! I stopped to get a breakfast biscuit and some caffeine on the way to work and ran into my old friend the vet. He bought the cattle that were on this farm when that part of the business shut down. Dude reminds me a lot of my younger brother as in almost the same age and raising little bitty kids. Doc is on his second set! His family has always called FUMC home just like mine. He told me to come on in sometime with my daddy. Alrighty then, consider me invited and you didn't even have to greet me at the door. I will never forget the time Mrs. Fisher talked me into playing piano for a service and me finishing it with the melody. Joyful noise indeed!

I ran into an old school friend and her daughter today toting a newborn named for the state in which her mama was born. When it comes to high points of a day, babies make it all better. I stopped by the dollar store in the hood to get eggs for the deviling marathon. Believe it or not, it's what I'm giving my brother as a Christmas gift. Nothing says love like boiling two dozen eggs and putting little suits on them. One of my favorite artists died today in true Blue Dog fashion leaving us a lifetime of enjoyment in the paintings he created. He's right up there with ME on my wish list.

Meanwhile I'm back into the chair yoga/physical therapy part of my recovery from extreme clumsiness on ice and loving every minute of it because you never know which day will be your last and I intend to go out laughing. My favorite current talking point is the black Jesus white Santa debate. Anybody with half a brain can understand that it was the freaking desert people. Of course he was dark! And so were those slaves you brought over here from Africa to be your servants. Rednecks, southern or otherwise, tend to make me turn in the other direction. Now, before you start the accusing about being prejudiced let me remind you that I was born into 50's and 60's in the south. I can still remember seeing a colored people only sign above our courthouse basement. My mother's family had hired servants that were a part of the family. I particularly remember Miss Rosie who wore a paper bag on her head.

The last time that I saw my late cousin Debbie was at Christmas last year when she brought me a redneck wine glass..a mason jar on a stem. We've had everything BUT wine in it and it kind of reminds me that she always called on Christmas day just to see what Santa brought. I've been needing to cry for days now not really sure why but that may be a clue. What I need is 12 hours of sleep two nights in a row. Oh, and a sugardaddy.

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