Thursday, December 5, 2013

end times

I never have any bread or milk anyway so nobody had to worry about fighting me for it at the store. My sole purchase to brave the big ice storm has been a can of de-icer for the car. So I can get to work early icy morn, unless of course I slide off in the gully like my grandmother did. I kid you not that Monte Carlo went driver's side up when she took the turn too quick. Or she may have been lighting a damn cigarette and not watching, who the hell knows. That was her last drive, BTW. Daddy pulled it out with his tractor and that was that. We all made extensive shopping trips with a detailed list of just what she wanted after she got too feeble to go. I remember taking her to Wallyhell the Christmas before she died and I obediently threw stuff into the buggy as she went down her list of kids and grandkids. Underwear and socks mostly and this was before they had those rider deals. I pushed her 5 miles around that megastore.

I stopped by the locally owned pharmacy by the sawmill today seeking GENERIC claratinD with honest to goodness sudafed in it. The price was 38 bucks for 10 so I went on down the road to the giantmegachain where I was greeted by the most precious sales girl ever named Magen. When I told her what I wanted some pharmabitch from behind the counter asked me what my symptoms were, since I was obviously a meth addict. I pointed to my nose and swollen eyes as if to say "i'm dying here girl" and she dropped it. I hope she knows that Santa's watching her ways with customers. Magen, meanwhile will be mentioned in an online survey for her cheerful and helpful attitude even when the Burt's Bee's lotion wouldn't scan.

Boogs was here last night and still in bed with TeeTee when I rolled out today, though I didn't know he was still here. I went in there looking for something or another and found him cradled in her arm like the baby that he is, both of them sleeping peacefully. The temperature yesterday was high 70s and it's been steady dropping since the rain began this morning. It's been reported that this storm named something with a C will bring Jim Cantore to the 'burg. Good luck with finding a hotel room dude. My brother is a meteorologist by profession. Nothing like starting the day with Tommy's weather report!

Gotta go find the nativity scene so we don't miss the whole meaning of the season ^j^

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