Friday, December 20, 2013

dashing through the snow

Uhhh...not this year. It's tornado weather for the next day or two so we'll have to pass on the snow dreams. I have made it through week two of right shoulder getting better pain thankyouverymuch naproxen. I know enough about physical therapy to keep it moving so it doesn't freeze up on me. Hey, it's my blogging hand, okay? I really need it to tell all ya'll how incredibly pissed off I am about the great pecan thefts of 2013. BG went on multiple missions yesterday one of which was to go to the dollar store about a mile up the road for Memaw toiletries. Way back in September the local newspaper where BG worked at the time ran this story about 500 pounds of pecans stolen from somebody's carport. Obviously these folks weren't your average find a tree and pick kind of people. Serious as a heart attack, they stooped and scooped and had them all dry and tidy ready to sell kind of like me.

It wasn't until she pulled in the alley next to Pennington's to unload and sell our 60 odd pounds that she realized that they weren't in the back seat of the Cadi. When she showed up with Booger she was mad as hell. James Frank and I spent a month crawling around in mama and daddy's yard picking and in one swoop some crack head got their night's fix on my dime. Poopie is not amused. Somehow I think that Phil Robertson is responsible for all this the way everybody's arguing over his rights. God fearing folk? Well, if you get into the Old Testament like most hellfire and brimstone followers do I reckon he's got Noah and Jonah on his side. Otherwise they might as well find a new job.

I don't know about you, but I'm tickled to death that the conservatives are getting what comes when people stand up for their rights. Dr.Phil would say "how did that work out for ya?"

Peace ~

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