Sunday, December 29, 2013

hide and watch

Thank you for asking, yes indeed my right arm is about to fall smooth off. This is not cool for one who has a nasty pretty dirty house like mine full of leftovers from the saleapaloozah that was my summer and fall. It finally looks like somewhat of a hoarder's room with a clear path all around. It is where I go to think and write and listen to music, usually all at once. If I could choose only one app, it would be a music one because a girl's gotta have her tunes to create. That is what I'm meant to do yet it took me many years to realize that art can be not just a passion but a way of life. All the sheeple that buy into the idea that if you work hard your labor will be rewarded. Trust me, this rarely happens in corporate America. They don't even give you gold watches anymore and heaven forbid you get called to a Friday afternoon meeting only to find your position eliminated. It happens all the time ya'll and though I try to remember that Big Ernie knows my heart and it's all good. Talking to my friend J this morning I got to thinking of karma and how her hub had blessed me with not only a BADASS camera but a freakin' Cadillac. We pretty much agree that it's about the journey.

My goals for the coming years are about learning to use my talent to turn a buck, so to speak. That requires a whole lot of organizational skills that I don't have. My PC is a ten year old Dell that's slow as molasses. I figure about the time I can't do it anymore, some miracle will come along and save Ms Pollyanna Poopie. And then there's the grands and Booger and whatnot. I'm jonesing to buy season 5 of Breaking Bad and still reeling from the magnificent turn of events in 4! I know Jessie and I know Walt, or people like them. The most brilliant part I thought was how Jessie knew that a meth head with a shovel will freakin' dig to China! When I was a teenager crystal meth was pure and not toxic like the way it's currently made via shake'n'bake. There were black RJS that would keep you going for a couple of days. Weed and acid. All of this was readily available in safe pharmaceutical form. Black market tactics were assumed when the DEA got to be all rough and tough. The biggest thing I remember is Qualude. I never did one but remember people talking about it. I took some acid one day and sat on the lifeguard stand at my pool job "getting into" the water. It was a turbulent time in history and the "war on drugs" has been raging ever since. It really pains me to think that marijuana for medical purposes is outlawed except in the case of marinol. I've heard it does wonders for dementia!

The civil unrest of the 60s was not only about the war but about integration and as a dyed in the wool southern girl I can say it wasn't easy. We were lucky not to have as much racism as in the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. All of this was about black people being treated as somehow "not enough" to matter. I do not believe in reparations for any of the evil things that happened in the past. All I can hope for is that this generation will lose that anger and hatred. I mean we're talking hangings, murders and coverup. Men in white sheets with get the picture? Much like GOP today they used hysteria and theatricals to prove a point and end up f**king everybody up in the process. I have no patience with anger and violence. Life is too short.

Which is why, of course, I hate wars and just wish that we would call in the troops to protect us because it's about to get ugly and they're scattered everywhere. Suicide bombing in Russia? Oh!Shit! Somebody hold me now. It's looking like things are returning to the golden calf age. Just let it be noted that I never had much money so I sure as hell couldn't worship it. The multimillion dollar O's of corporate America are the ones who would eat you alive to save their own skin. Sorry, corporate policy my ass.

In other news we visited the newly restocked with DD stuff gift shop/restaurant for yet another not eggs and doughnuts dining experience. The fried chicken thing is like to die for and gives you leftovers. I like to watch the people who come in off the road for a meal and to chill a little before heading on down the road. They seem to be getting along better with the med increase so thank you sweet baby jeebus for that. My friends Larry and Bobby are helping with the garbage situation so there you go with another minor miracle. They're everywhere if you just look. I am ashamed for the way that I previously judged people because I was judged. It's a startling thing to realize that you have re-created that pain in another relationship. As for the current state of affairs Boogs and BG are playing/giggling and I'm about to clean house, literally. The creative process is stifled by disarray.

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