Tuesday, December 24, 2013

all is well

Holy moly and sweet baby jeebus there's a lot of sick folk out there in spite of the fact that it's Christmas eve. Life goes on, I reckon. This was probably my 20th eve of the day for me to work since we do it all fair and rotate. Tomorrow I will be off unless somebody dies and we plan a huge breakfast feast down at the grands house. There are eggs boiling for Bubba as I type. Me and BG are totally enjoying our gift of Breaking Bad to each other. We're both like the old lady in the movie theater who talks through the whole thing telling 'em what's coming up. It's a more edgy series than Weeds and much more addictive. Why else would everybody be doing shake'n'bake if it wasn't the devil all up in there. I still get pissed when I have to go through the 3rd degree for sudafed, old school allergy sufferer that I am.

I stopped by the corporate drug store on the corner by work and found all of them hard at work serving last minute shoppers. All I got was eye drops and naproxen because I'm still not sure whether I'll survive the next couple of weeks. I'm kind of ashamed of myself for blowing money spending the way I have all my life. Had I been the thrifty kind I would still be looking at broke because I'm middle class and that's going by the wayside unless SOMEBODY gets their heads out of their asses. The clerks there told me that they will, indeed, be open tomorrow because hey..the almighty dollar matters more than family time. I would expect that in a hospital setting but not in a store. There goes my Pollyanna side all over again! I ran into Mr. Joe Hager on the way in and he told me that he and younger son will be going to Mempho to bond with the older bro and his fam. Joe grew up out here somewhere in the community of Samaria Bend and Council Rd.

There's a beautiful sunset across the lane just in the right spot where it makes winter look like a painting. I've quit trying to get the perfect shot because hey..it's my view every day and I adore it. On a side note, the garbage has begun to pile up and I could use a truck to haul it here there and yon. What was formerly a once a week deal has turned into overload. What can I say...I've had a few bad hair days this year. '14 will be better, ya'll hide and watch.

Always remember what this season is about because it's way too easy to take the frantic way out. I don't give a rat's ass what the Robertson family does because I'm not that easily entertained. I'm looking ahead to a country where folks elect people like Elizabeth Warren and AlFranken to represent them in Washington. As a matter of fact Al might be on one of the seasons of SNL that BF sent. Sweet!

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