Friday, December 13, 2013

on the back 9

My dear friend in picking called yesterday after reading my post to offer me a tree that he had in the back of his resale shop from who knows where. I stands proudly lit in the corner of BG's room which is where it will bring the most enjoyment. Now I almost feel bad about selling him that peace sign for so much. Nah..he would do the same thing! We've got tins and stuffed toys around the bottom so it doesn't glare at us like "where's the presents ya'll?" I do remember what it was like to have the pressure of shopping, cooking, working and otherwise carrying on a busy life that for one month is consumed with materialism. Just saying no is a big peace of mind though I do miss the excitement at times. When there are no kids around it's a whole different kind of deal. John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas" is a funny tale of how parents of college age kids plan to scoot away on a beach vacay for the holidays. If you haven't read it, please do. It puts everything into perspective about the season.

The pain in my shoulder is now in my neck which is very not cool because I've got crap to do like pick up pecans and sell 'em for rent money. It's going up in January to cover the cost of my new porch which I thought was a really nice holiday gesture on corporate's part. I mean after is a business to them unlike with me and my family who consider it a homestead. We have lived here for three generations and know every nook and cranny of this little hideaway heaven. Don't even bother trying to rob us because there's nothing left. Move along!

I read today that one of my mama's best friends got robbed at gunpoint in a nearby town and it hit home to me that meanness is everywhere and a whole lot of violent crime is tied directly to addiction. Meth and crack are cheap and toxic. Oxycontin and morphine are in everybody's medicine chest (except mine, dammit) and easily stolen by family members or caregivers who have access to those who are shut in. When my aunt died at home with hospice we had to hide her meds from the freakin' son. It knows no boundaries, ya'll. This is why the sequester type mentality that is rampant today makes me sick to be a part of the healthcare industry because it could be easily fixed but it would cut into the wallets of major insurance and pharmacy carriers that are at the top of the healthcare food chain. I would give back every free lunch I ever got from them just to see healthy options like preventive care for free.

I don't give a damn what people think of me and my opinions. I'm not much of a follower because I take the time to absorb a little bit of each and every side of a story and not lay blame. It is what it is according to my friend Sue and I would totally love for that to be on a t-shirt. Maybe Mitz and Abbey can work on that!

Love ya...mean it.

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