Tuesday, December 10, 2013

if it ain't broke

Okay then, there are no broken bones in my shoulder just a big old mass of sprained out the wazoo muscles that hurts like the devil. Since I was going to the FNP this morning we maximized the trip and took Daddy to get his ears looked at. As we suspected they were full of wax and he told me it has been 30 years since Dr. David did that in his office. BG drove both of us there since I was afraid of having to make a sudden move with my RIGHT arm. I hated to do that to Tracie with his ears but I didn't know what to do! I'm almost a nurse, but not quite.Normally I can take pain pretty well until it gets to this level. Muscle and joint injuries take time to heal just like broken bones. As I put my arm out to break the fall yesterday, I heard a pop when it hit the ground sort of like when I tore my hamstring. Me and BG were exploring the small family cemetery down the road and I attempted to crawl down a very steep uneven hill and did the splits all the way to the road. It not only popped and tingled but also turned my leg black and blue for weeks. Getting older hurts, no matter what they say. My bossfriend was good enough to let me take the day off for healing purposes and I totally adore that about him. As long as there's not an orange alert or something he can make do with the staff that's there and I admire that leadership trait. Also I have very good friends there to help with my share of the load. I'm trying to keep the arm moving somewhat so it doesn't stiffen up on me. Flexaril helps with that.

I find myself thinking about the oddest things like how we used to actually TALK to each other before the smartphone, particularly in places like waiting rooms and such. Daddy couldn't even hear himself talk when we first went in so it was pretty quiet. On the way out he chattered his schedule with happiness and joy. We still don't have a tree but that's okay. It will happen when all the planets line up just right even if it's on Christmas eve. I'm funny like that! I bet I could get one super cheap plus half price lights :)

Happy holidays to you and yours from me and mine ^j^

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