Sunday, December 22, 2013

yuletide surprise

The Cadi has either been in the shop or I've been working for the past month or so and today was my first time to pick up the grands at church in style. Daddy was tickled to death with the room for her walker in the back seat. Miss Elizabeth stopped by while I was waiting to leave them a bag of goodies. She's awesome like that! Our families have been pretty tight over the years because they owned a store in South Dyersburg that began on the corner and then moved across the road to become Pierce's Bargain Center. Honey, they had everything but the kitchen sink and then some. Mama told me when she got in that they had a about going somewhere besides eggs and doughnuts today? Hell to the yeah! Here we all went to Mary Lou's for home cooking and personal service. She has had restaurants at a number of locations around town and her boys now help her 80 something year old self run the business. Last time I saw Ronnie we were at the class reunion enjoying the night air having a smoke outside.

We were up and at 'em early today and BG headed to church with Shannah and fam while I checked out the pecan situation. As I suspected they are every freakin' where but soaking wet. I'll give it a day or two and then start again. I'm nothing if not persistent. The arm is slowing me down on that and a lot of other things but I figure it's Big Ernie's way of telling me to stop and smell the roses. We splurged on seasons 3 and 4 of Breaking Bad as a gift to each other. Things have been so wild that I have no idea what the money looks like, only that I'm still in the far. Everytime we sit down to do the book keeping something comes up that can't wait like oh, you know. Old people fighting and whatnot.

Now that everybody's tired of talking about you know who and his family, let's move onto something that is a little bit more important like the damn economy and that fat little bastard in NOK. PULEEZZZ..people. Quit being so damn righteous about having the perfect answer and compromise. It will never work if you don't. Formerly somewhat comfortable middle class people like me are drowning like rats. At this point, only the wealthy can afford tuition without student loans which is a huge debt to begin a career with, hanging over you like a little black cloud. It's not worth the trouble unless you can get a job that pays you enough to live on AND pay back to the bank/government.

I'm fully expecting for Santa to come and find me somewhere along the road this week. I've not been the best, but I've tried pretty hard to be good most of the time. Hey..I'm too tired and old to get in very much trouble! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours from me and all mine. I don't know how we'll manage it, but I'll try for a shot of both people, the cat and all four dogs. Don't hold your breath though. Peace~


  1. Merry Christmas, Poopie. I hope that 2014 will be your best year yet; win the lottery and find that sugar daddy!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, BG and all the critters!