Saturday, December 21, 2013

here's your card

Even though I haven't sent Christmas cards in eons I do so enjoy getting them especially when they have kid pictures! When I first "met" my friend Amy in Chicago she had only one son. Her card came yesterday featuring all four of those beautiful children...later she had a girl and then TWIN girls. Usually I get a photo card from Einstein in Washington state but I guess he's helping his mama pick out his presents. Lori is also an old time buddy with whom I've spent many hours sharing joys and sorrows. 2013 has been especially challenging for her so I wish for her peace and love. There was another one with old friends Patsye and Larry and their dog. Patsye always looks like she just stepped out of the beauty shop and he's kinda like "heh". Gotta love it!

Somehow or another Heather and Joe managed to get all of their dogs posed and looking straight at the camera complete with giftwrap background. Joe's two are huge and Frankie is just a little bitch, if you know what I mean. She's been eating gourmet doggie treats since she was born. I've spent many a Christmas with Heather and BG plus whatever guy was in the picture at that moment. None of them hold a candle to Joe. KY cousin's family grew again this year with three grandbabies born in quick succession. All of them are adorable and I know she's smiling down from heaven on this new life.

I am teary today partly from chronic pain that wears on the soul but also with sadness that our world can be so shallow when we have been given so much. That one family can polarize our country as much as the Robertsons really scares me because of the messages of hate that they spew. Do not judge, as my friend Judy wrote. That is for God to deal with and if you are without sin? Run on over there and cast a stone good buddy. But then I look around at the random acts of kindness that show up in life and I think to myself "self..." it's gonna' all be okay. Two years ago on Christmas eve I arrived home from work to find a huge blessing in the mailbox, anonymously of course. I remember one time talking with a friend about good deeds and I asked if he had ever done one and not told a soul. He proceeded to tell me about this widow woman's job that he gave her a break on. "You told it...God already knew" was my reply. My daddy always told me that when you pray it's best to get quiet and alone so that you can really think about both bane and blessing. Like in the closet!

I'm not a scholar of the Bible by any means. I know very little about the OT because it scares me to death and I'm more of a Jesus touchy-feely kind of gal. HOWEVER I do know that Big Ernie had ample reason to be pissed at what was going on back then. Much like now, people were idolizing things like money and power. Not a good idea when it's God your messing with. There's apt to be a flood or a fire or all of the above.

Meanwhile...back at the manger.


  1. I wish I could give you a big mama bear hug. We don't have a lot of material things but we have our voices for trying ease some of humanities aches and pains. Many blessings to you sister. Keep fighting the good fight. Me and Big Ernie got your back.

  2. Merry Christmas Sweetie Pie. Love you. Hugs