Saturday, December 28, 2013

breaking news

I just love it when that scrolls across whatever news site I'm looking at. It usually means another natural disaster or a war game update. Oh, and then there's the mass shootings that continue to happen because while everybody's fighting about gun rights, the basic mental health needs of these folks who do them have been ignored. That's not an excuse, just reality. Anyone who has worked in healthcare knows that it's "complicated" when dealing with mental health patients, many of which have an entire family just like 'em. My neighbors are a prime example of what happens when there's no outside support. Thankfully somebody's church pitched in and they're on a schedule down there. Somewhat. The mama is in a wheelchair at age 40? maybe. Not sure what that's about because I've heard her stories enough and don't want to ask.

In my honest opinion, mental health disorders are a natural part of life but there is a stigma attached to getting treatment, especially in small towns. Everybody's mother will be talking at the beauty shop about how she just "went to pieces" and was away for awhile. I've considered it several times but I seem to manage with support on an outpatient basis. Plus some carefully chosen meds. And a tad of yoga. I'm kinda looking forward to the new year so I can hang my 2014 Mary Englebreit calendar and enjoy the giggles. A friend and I were talking about retirement the other day and I stated that I can't visualize it because I'm so far in debt. I fully expect to die working at that sawmill so I'm gonna seize the day right now and worry about it tomorrow like Scarlet.

Laundry and dishes are done for the most part thanks to my daughter's late night cleaning binge. I was oblivious catching up on sleep that I lost the other day. This afternoon I ventured out to do some business and stopped to pick up pecans at the bottom of the lane. There are two stuart trees there that have really been good this year but they're about done. There are the two monster trees at my parents' house that did well and we're still picking there. As I was climbing into the muddy ditch to get to the field I focused on not falling because frankly I've done some pretty stupid stuff in my day. One time me and the BG were crawling around an ancient family cemetery and I tore my hamstring falling down a hill. After that I could totally feel for football players! My entire leg turned purple but an ultrasound showed no clot..just a bunch of bruising. I couldn't sit on that asscheek for months.

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