Monday, December 23, 2013

as the blogfairy flies

She is a very cunning little rascal sending me goodies and surprises from all kinds of locations, never the same postmark. I feel like there's some tie to the USPS as well because everything comes in their packing material. BG had just dropped daddy off at Mozella's and was heading home to do a quick job app online. We were on the phone as she approached the house and I heard her start to stutter. "What is that?" It's something there on the porch swing. I was so excited that I demanded she bring it to the sawmill right then. As I unpacked the box giggling like a little kid, she tuned up and cried at the sight of me being so happy. This gave me the perfect chance to explain to a co-worker the whole story of BF and how it began two years ago when I was about ready to lose faith. It's been a very long road since then and we've stumbled more than once only to get right back up and try again. I suppose that's part faith and a large dose of Stafford/Reaves stubbornness.

Back in the day when doctors made rounds to see their own patients the sawmill would be virtually empty on Christmas and Thanksgiving except for the ones who were on the way to see Big Ernie. Now it's a full house 24/7! Hospitalists provide inpatient care with help from physician assistants and NPs. Truth be told? Most front line workers in healthcare can tell a new doc a world of information about a patient's history just by being there for the long haul. One friend's mom was a frequent flyer for years until she finally got her placed in a nursing home. Eight months went by without an ER visit until she was "discharged to home." One week or so and she was back in. This is not a HIPPA violation because it's a true story of an unidentified person and how they get tossed around from facility to facility. It can't be helped and it is what it is. To a point. Healthcare is the largest industrial employer for a number of states particularly in the southeast.

My honest opinion is that the state of healthcare delivery today is the result of malpractice litigation that has bankrupted practitioners who make honest mistakes. Doctors are not God!! Why should we expect them to not make mistakes when the politicians we vote for make them every damn day. Medicare has been a pain in the ass for years because of underpayment based on the DRG. Something that was invented to streamline care has turned into a five headed monster where a whole boatload of people have their hand in your pocket when you are sick. I remember when the law was put in place that prohibited self referral for doctors and money makers like diagnostics. Many a doc got rich and fat before MC finally shut most of 'em down. If I had a nickel for every doctor who wanted his own office lab I could be on the plane to Fiji right now.

Fa la la la la!

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