Saturday, December 14, 2013

comedy of errors

And I thought today was gonna be boring! There was a cold fog swirling when I drove into the sawmill to report for duty. All went well until BG and Boogs got out and about and she ran out of gas at a friend's house. I struck out to save the day after she found a gas can and guess what? My battery was dead. This is why I don't even bother putting the cables in the trunk anymore you see. Single women can team up and get through a crisis just fine when the need arises. I thought it wasn't gonna start at all and after multiple tries it fired as I sang praises to sweet baby jeebus and all the wise men too. Booger slept right through the whole thing in his little carrier thingy. Actually the entire charging event found me parked too close to my co-worker's car but Shannah managed to get hers right in up that tight spot. However, the driver side door wouldn't open so I had to crawl over the console,torn shoulder and all. Meanwhile, BG is pouring gas from a can into the Cadi and getting the hell to the house just like her mama. That's enough drama for one day.

In other happy news my friend told me that she had injured her shoulder not once but TWICE and showed me some exercises to keep the muscles stretched which totally feels good. Sooner or later a laying on of massage therapist hands will be required. It's way past due, actually. I thought about the children of Newtown today and grieved that so little headway has been made in the regulation of firearms, particularly the repeating kind. Dude in CO had a shotgun if I understand correctly. While that's a legal weapon for hunters to possess its' sheer weight and limited range to target victims is somewhat less killing power than with an automatic. Or maybe it was a repeating shotgun? while I'm on the subject of spoiled rotten kids, this one that killed four while DUI better watch his back and hire a bodyguard. Keep a low profile dude because what you did was murder and you walked and even got a new name for your condition...affluenza. I can't wait to see a lawyer use that one when the parents aren't rich enablers but poverty stricken addicts struggling to make their way in today's economic disaster. Justice should never have a price yet in this country it is being "handled" by the NRA and a whole bunch of rednecks who want to squawk about their right to bear arms.

So what else? Oh...Obama's selfie. The funniest part of the whole deal was when one of the tabloids headlined that he and the blonde lady were having a torrid affair. I mean like really????? Michelle behaved like a lady and sat that one out as I would have done myself. Go for it hon, you've earned a big fat smile in spite of what this country looks like at the moment. Really? It's bigger than you and me. I'm in charge of deviled eggs for the sawmill Christmas/retirement dinner so let's all hold hands and pray that the battery holds up long enough to get 'em there.



  1. Deviled eggs are some of my favorite things, so if you don't get there (for some reason) chuck 'em over here.

    I feel sorry for that kid in TX, as he is going to feel entitled for his whole life, unless someone teaches his a few lessons. God knows his parents or that judge haven't.

  2. if he continues on that road, the people in prison will give him some payback. just sayin