Monday, June 19, 2017

forward motion

I stayed up late and slept late which is a win for me these days.  I'm usually in the bed by 8 and up at 5.  I had breakfast with some friends at Daylight Doughnuts which is where I took my parents every Sunday after church.  It was the first time I'd been back and I felt their presence.  Red is still there and Dani and of course Rita.  Cyndi and I watched a gorgeous little chunk of a baby girl sitting with her Mim and having a ball.  It hit me in the face that I would be doing that soon!  The little girl's father went to school with Lauren and we caught up on his life via grandma.  

I went by to see Mozella before that and found her comfy and lucid.  She knew me and remembered that Bubba was there yesterday.  I met her niece whom I had never known about so I guess it's true that everybody comes together in the end.  The mayor was sporting a silver bow today.  "Yes chile...I love you."

We had a monsoon yesterday but it drained off pretty quickly because it was dry.  The humidity had dropped by this morning so I was pleasantly surprised to walk out the door and find I could breathe.  There is nothing more miserable to me.  Time to be productive.  Y'all play nice and pay it forward, always.


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