Tuesday, June 6, 2017


A spirit is a tough thing to kill but it happens all the time.  People just lose sight of possibility for change and accept the norm like sheeple of the Hunger Games persuasion.  I can tell you right now I'll go down quick when it comes to that kind of warfare.  I am a rebel by nature and feel really constricted when somebody tells me what to do outside the normal limits.  Freedom of speech and expression of personal beliefs are guaranteed by the Constitution.  Sadly, that even includes white supremist mountain men who kill those who stand up for that right.  This is what you know who hath brought us.  I'll never say his name again.

There was a surprise in the mail about a class action suit against the pension fund that Wells Fargo currently holds for former and current employees of Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.  If I read it right the class is petitioning to have that pension funded for longer than the next 15 years as the defendants are seeking ERISA protection as a church.  As we all know *ahem* the county commissioners voted in the early eighties to sell our county facility to MLBH against the wishes of most every staff member including physicians.  It was a pissing match against Baptist Memorial for the feeder hospitals along highway 51 toward the Shelby market.  The county got an extra ten million over market value for an outdated facility.

There were 7 of us and it was a clusterfuck of epic proportions as all of us went from paper to computers.  MLBH scooped the whole deal up with plans to headquarter in Jackson.  My most favorite O ever was Dick McCormick who got thrown under that bus prior to a 2003 sale to Community Health Systems. My mother stayed mad at the UMC until her death for that but she still kept showing up for services.  That's faith.

So umm.  I'm two days into a 7 day stretch.  Fortunately today didn't involve any standing around in lead so I managed to visit Kim and order some tabs for the ginormous blood bank manual.  I never said I was good with deadlines, but I get them done.  We chatted with Benny today about the car theft and he actually knows the guy who found crackhead in his truck on Jamestown Road.  What a small world it is.

Keep smiling ~

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