Tuesday, June 27, 2017

teach your children well

I don't have the credits in education theory to certify me as such but I have always loved seeing somebody have an ahha moment when they get it.  It could be rocket science or blood compatability or a lucky shot with a badass camera.  Perhaps in words and the sharing of stories.  Anything creative is attractive to my current mood.  

Lorna and I just had a long chat about the history of NASA and who we knew from the Cape.   Mom and Daddy were best friends with Dick and Peggy Bruce.  Peg's sister Bonnie was married to Don Peterson one of the last of the Apollo team.  She went with them to Florida for the launch and kept that picture on the wall until we took it down after she died.  Gus Grissom.  Roger Chaffee.  I wrote a letter to all of them following the inferno that kept them from exploring space. Krista was the one who got me.  A freaking schoolteacher in a space ship being launched by the United States.  They all died and according to Lorna there was a giant white Y over the Florida coast when it happened.   

I hope that you and yours are well and peaceful.  As for me I have an appointment for therapy in a couple of weeks and I must say it's way past due.  Kevin came by to check out my oven and it needs a new igniter so all the pieces are sitting on the porch waiting for EZ off.  Love ya.  Mean it.  

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