Saturday, June 17, 2017

my give a damn's busted

I don't even remember the title of the blog post that I had conjured up in my head for today.  It probably had something to do with social justice and loving each other, even the least of these.  Y'all all know I'm a bleeding heart liberal.  Sue me.  I believe that everybody deserves a chance at life and reformation.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  

I've spent a lot of time with addicts over the years and do not exclude myself.  Everybody's got something.  The ones who have never smoked or drank alcohol are equally as addicted to routine or food or sex or any other kind of self medication.  Step one addresses that quite clearly.  Whatever it is it's out of control.  In Tennessee there's a huge gambling thing going on with the lottery and as a result of that community college is free to all.  Currently CBD oil without the psychoactive component is legal for use.  Sounds like a racket to me but whatever.  It beats opiates and meth.  

Downtown Dyersburg development is pretty much under the control of the Chamber which is sorely missing Alan Hester about now.  Let's all say a prayer for Lorna and the kids on the way to the Gulf Coast with a packed out SUV.  Mamye came out this afternoon and we enjoyed the quiet and talked at the not so round table.  Oh yeah, here's what my thought was.

I'm a good listener with realistic and positive feedback.  I don't have a degree that declares me as such but I have a lot of really good friends who vent.  I say luv you often and mean it.  I need a minimum of five hugs a day to survive which is why I'm prone to just doing the random group thing.  We will rock you!
My boundaries are firm and I refuse to cross them when my own well being is at stake. I'm looking forward to a visit with my babygirl and her babygirl.  Fortinately there is no court next week and I have an extra day off.  I love it when that happens.  To anyone who ever raised a child as his or her father.......I salute you.  And also I miss my daddy.


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