Thursday, June 15, 2017

busy day

I seriously wanted to sleep til 10 but had a derm appointment at 9 so up I got in the thunderstorms to get clean but I failed to shave my legs.  He and I are like brother and sister so I didn't make the effort.  I was greeted with hugs all around and got hit by the nitrous nazi in many many spots.  When you have actinic keratosis you never know what will turn into something major.  It rained so hard on the way up there that I was driving 40 mph and praying for no hydroplane action.   By the time I got out it was over.  

When I came off the by-pass I spotted two familiar vehicles in the road, one being the law and the other my brother.  The story was that somebody stole a golf cart from the municipal course behind me and rode all over the Pritchett's corn fields.  It was found abandoned on a fence row and when I came back from the gentral I saw two Dyersburg course employees hauling it back home.  If my car thief wasn't in jail I'd swear it was him.

After that was lunch with old friends at a local downtown eatery.  Very cool place with nice people and excellent food plus a patio.  They have live music and trivia.  Very progressive for Dyersburg, if you know what I mean.  Downtown is growing by leaps and bounds which makes me smile.

Namaste ~

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