Friday, June 9, 2017

my day in court(s)

I showed up at the sawmill this morning on time and did a few hours prior to heading to city court where mr car thief was seated front and center in the two rows of inmates wearing orange jumpsuits and handcuffed.  All were male.  I had to park behind the DPD illegally to get there on time because the lot was full.  Judging from the number of inmates I figured I'd be there all day but our cases came up within the first 30minutes and grand theft auto got called up in the front of Judge Dedmon.  I had spotted that bald head right off.  As he approached the bench he lifted the chains up over his head in an act of defiance and showed off his tats.  The judge was not at all amused.  When he failed to maintain eye contact with said judge as he lowered the bond he was told pretty damn quick not to ever EVER visit my workplace except if his head was cut off and in his hand.  He was also told to stay away from myself and the other victims who were present.  We were free to go after that and I headed toward home until doctor visit time.  After sitting there for an hour and visiting with a toddler in the waiting roomI had to take a raincheck and get some lunch prior to jury duty.  Irarely take lunch by myself out except in the car and I was hungry for El!Patio! so that's where I went.  I thought about George Patton and sang the little song in my head.

Shortly after I found  myself sitting next to my salsa sister in yet another courtroom waiting to be picked for a group.  TJ went through his usual explanations and called roll.  A lot of people didn't show up.  I was fortunate to get panel A so I got to leave early.  Poor SSista had to wait and have hers drawn. 

I visited Mozella and family this morning and she still loves me thank goodness.  When I came out of the county courthouse I found Mamye wandering around looking at the war memorial stuff on display wondering about something to honor her dad and brother who are WWII and Vietnam vets, respectively.  She followed me to the house where she gave me a knife to kill anybody who tries to get me.  Another one.

Since bond was reduced on the felon and my other keys are "out there" I figured it might be a good time to have the locks rekeyed so I got to see Mike Sipes live and in person for the first time in years.  Mamye had followed me home so we all had a nice visit.  Only two more days and I get one off.  Yay me!

The moon's a harsh mistress~


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