Saturday, June 10, 2017

where do i begin

As fate would have it I worked again and came home to find the farm photographer and his wife parked in the middle of the road.  When I noticed who it was Shirley rolled down the window and they followed me home.  TK took a bunch of shots yesterday evening and today of the wheat harvest in progress.  That little shoutout led me to a lovely visit with the farm folks today including the #countrygirl Becca who was Pride's pride and joy.  I do believe she has her own horse now and also is driving a combine for the summer.  

We drove down to the river and by the graveyard at Gerald's and made the circle around Danny's place.  Newt's crowd was partying to the right as we rode along and talked about who owns what.  I spotted a yellow glad down at the cabin and we picked that up on the way home.  The yard just keeps getting emptier.  

There are many layers to the history of this farm and Tommy is retired and loves to be a historian.  Between all of us maybe we can get this "book" written.  Farmer's Market opened today ya' know.  Of course I was you know where but I was there in spirit.  The redneck waterhose is going full force.

Stay tuned ~

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