Wednesday, June 14, 2017

bipartisan gun sense

Already the media is hyping the fact that the shooter in Alexadria was a Bernie supporter and a liberal/progressive.  He was intent on killing those who don't share his beliefs and had the firepower to do it in the form of an automatic rifle.  He probably didn't count on all those Capitol police being around and they saved the day and put him down.  It doesn't matter what his political persuasion is, only that he had a gun to do his business with which, in this country, is a pretty easy thing to get thanks to the party of you know who.  As much heat as he's taking right now it wouldn't surprise me a bit if this was something aimed at civil unrest and further division of the country.  Anarchy coming folks.  Hunker down.

Speaking of which there's some huge twin engine helicopter doing rounds over my house, practicing I suppose.  If I had a decent camera you could see it too but nooooooo....all I have is a Galaxy.  Besides, it's a heat index of 99ish so I need to be inside like the precious flower that I am.  I might wilt!

I stopped at the chicken store and found one of my favorite girls in a twit after handing in her notice.  As the story goes, a customer called her a n**ger and because she responded to said customer the manager refused to bar the customer from the store even though they had done it before.  I say get out while you can.  Some things never change.  

I'll let you know if the army swoops over close enough for a phone shot.  Peace and love ~

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