Wednesday, June 28, 2017

here's your sign

Sometimes the sheer stupidity of people just overwhelms me, especially when I'm in line waiting.  I'm not talking the clerks, mind you though they can be pretty simple at times. Oh no....I'm talking about the rednecks who want to quibble over the price of a plate lunch at a gas station with one vegetable instead of two.  This woman bitched and griped about the entire thing while the rest of us schmucks looked tiredly on.  If she could have heard what those clerks with the multicolor braids said about her after she left, it would have been a brawl for sure.  

Yesterday I was merging from Highway 78 onto 51 South which is usually not a stop but all lanes of traffic were moving south and I had to stop.  There was one of those big ass trucks with flags proclaiming OVERSIZE load like the escorts use only this guy didn't have any kind of load behind him.  He almost slammed into the back of me and then proceeed to lay on the horn until I just pulled over to the shoulder to let him fly.  Still, not escorting a thing but hauling ass at about 80 down the highway with flags flying.  My guess is that he was LATE for an appointment and decided to show out a bit to improve his time. 

Please continue to pray for Gigi as she recovers from a near death experience, literally.  She is currently reclining in her master suite with the seriously cool tub and shower.  Only the best for her.  She doesn't remember any of the almost dying part which is good.  My friend Peter the Aussie is currently receving palliative care down yonder but his son is keeping all his friends updated on the state of things.  He's like Hoss and Jim and Joe.  My internet boyfriends!

It is amazing to me that we have the ability to stay connected worldwide via the internet yet we can't figure out how to provide decent affordable healthcare.  It's all based on making money.  Pharma reps, particularly in oncology, are infamous for feeding the front line troops in exchange for a five minute chat with the doctor about their product.  

Nat came to work today sporting a french braid and I asked her to do mine.  It's thin but long so it turned out pretty cute for an hour or two.  Now it's coming unraveled.  

Keep moving forward and do the next right thing.


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