Monday, June 26, 2017

alrighty then

Evidently grief makes a good read because I got a lot of response to yesterday's soul sickness.  It was fleeting and powerful and took me to another place if just for a morning.  Friends came by and kept company with me on the porch and it was a nice Sunday after all even though I.....never mind.  That's another story.

I came home from work and began to unwind when I heard the dogs barking and found the Agresta family in my driveway ready to record a movie on the IPad.  I think it's set in the 1800s and they did a tour of the basement and such which I wouldn't DARE go to right now.  No snakebites so it's good.  Now they're scoping out the barn.  The videographer is none other than Conner the mischievous middle schooler.  We are family by choice and I will never forget when he had a "difficult" birth and his Mama got blood from the trauma.  After he was born he had to get growth hormone injections and I taught Anna and Steve how to give them.  I'm "almost" a nurse, you know.  Their family still supports our local blood program any chance they get.  

Last year BG and Heather and I had planned a weekend getaway in Nashvegas and I bought some sessions at Serenity Salt Cave from Groupon which we let expire.  They were kind enough to let me trade that expired merchandise for a baby monitor for Reaves.  Wonders never cease.   

When I stopped at the chicken store I got an earful of GD from some rednecks having a fit in a van parked by the door.  Take it AWAY idiots.  I almost called the law but realized they're busy catching car thieves.  

Marvelous Monday indeed ~

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