Saturday, June 24, 2017

new tricks

I was out and about this morning and stopped by the ATT store with a couple of questions one of which was why I couldn't receive texts from Bubba.  He can text me and we can call each other but his texts to me repeatedly don't arrive.  About five minutes with Nick showed me that I had inadvertantly sent a message from him to spam.  Mystery solved.  He also explained to me ( again ) how to upload those 900 pictures to the Google cloud so that they don't use up space on the phone.  That, as it turns out, is a very lengthy process the first time around.  I should probably wait and do that on somebody elses wifi since I can't get my home to connect with the phone.  I am IT stupid other than the basics.  

My friend Regina is out of intensive care but has a long road in front of her recovery wise.  She was as we say "dyin' sick".  By the grace of God her sister and brother in law checked in on her just in the nick of time to get her to ER for treatment.  A few more hours and she would have been gone.  Family members are with her around the clock urging her to be still and heal which is not easy for her.  She is confused and has no idea how she got where she is.  My heart aches for all of them.  

Since it's cooler I decided to tackle a few weeds in the asparagus bed and gave up pretty quickly because they're six feet tall.  Hopefully the asparagus will survive in that jungle to come back next spring.  I've resigned myself to having just a couple of squash and tomato plants for all that work.  Maybe next year.  

I've made it through 3 weeks of jury duty with no call in so I'm halfway through with that.  Note to self last night was :  "Call TJ"  Car thief is still in jail and his charges probably went to the grand jury last week.  I'm assuming he's either mentally ill or an addict or both because he did a lot of stupid stuff for not much personal gain.  Once again I give a big high five to the IT and security departments at the sawmill and also the DPD.  This guy who have been thieving for weeks was caught within 24 hours of taking my car.  

Have a lovely weekend y'all.  

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