Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ready for the storm

Lorna and kids got limited to only two days at the beach before the storm started brewing.  It had been forming for days and decided to hit full force yesterday.  What follows will be heavy rain for a wide swath of the southeastern US over the next three days.  And Lord, how I hate to drive at all much less in the rain.  It's not scheduled to start until abut 4 tomorrow which will give me time to get Lauren back home.   Thank you SKJ for covering my shift.  

I never watch TV so hearing it as background noise is kinda' strange.  We did some dinner prep together, chatted and went out separate ways to do our own things like old times.  It's comfortable and healthy.  She said she just needed to be home a minute.  There is still no nursery so the living room will remain full until that happens.  Long story.  

Work was full of surprises today including a chance to hug my sweet Tristi and sing a little Bruno Mars together.  My friend is still very sick and my heart aches at thinking of that unstoppable spirit being in that predicament.  She's a Lake county girl and we all know they're tough as nails.  Once upon a time she and her cousin and I went for a ride in her convertible down a dirt field road to her homeplace at Tennemo.  It was like Thelma and Louise, y'all.  

Oh, and if you forget your umbrella?  Just dance in the rain :)

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