Sunday, June 4, 2017


I have a seven day stretch at the sawmill in front of me so I've taken this weekend to hibernate like a bear.  After sleeping in until 10:30 yesterday I was back in bed with the dogs by 7:30 and snoozed until 9 today.  It's rained on and off so no redneck waterhose is necessary.  I ventured out to the nursing home today to see Mozella but she was out like a light snoring so I let her sleep.  As she would say " now chile " ........

Just got off the phone with Bubba who is coming off of vacay tomorrow.  We're finalizing our burial plans, etc at the little graveyard down by the river on Gerald's place. He took the lead and got it all done legally.  I love me some brothers. Tommy called yesterday while he was en route to do weather in Charlottesville.  That's about the only chance he has to talk what with kids and business.  

Millette and Ron showed up mid-afternoon with a truck full of stuff for Reaves.  My living room looks like Toys R Us.  The blessings just keep on coming.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it ~

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