Monday, June 5, 2017

respect thy elders

Our mayor is 95 years old and holding.  Back in the day she worked at the hospital too in central supply where the surgical instruments were sterilized.  It was an entire department dedicated to autoclaving stuff then.  Everybody loved her, me included.  One of her favs was our pathologist Dr Palacios, a Cuban refugee who eventually retired to ( of course ) somewhere in Florida.  Before him was Dr Inclan, also a boat person.  Mozella was a latecomer to the community not showing up until around 1945 when she married Earl and they proceeded to have a bunch of kids and live life in that little house that still stands in their memory about to slide off the hill into the bottoms.  She is close to being with Earl and Ronnie and all the others after a life well lived.  If I had a nickel for every B12 shot I've given her, I'd be a rich woman.  "Now chile..."  It's another piece of my heritage fading away.  I've had a lot of good times with her family over the years.  

We had some flash flooding today which means I drove through a ton of water to get up the hill.  I got word from the insurance adjustor today that a check is on the way to replace my spare and partially cover the tow from grand theft auto.   My house smells like rosemary because I cooked some chicken last night in the crock pot with homegrown plus a little basil.  I was too hungry to wait for it but it'll be good warmed up.  

Marvelous Monday, indeed ^j^

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