Sunday, June 11, 2017

at last

Even though there's paperwork to do, I'm finally off tomorrow to sleep in for a day.  Leave a message at the beep.  This probably means I'll wake up at the buttcrack of dawn.  That's how it goes sometimes.  The dogs are so itchy from the wheat that I gave one of them a valium and the other a benadryl just so they could rest last night.  I can tell it with my allergy symptoms!!

Mozella is still kicking and we enjoyed a little visit this morning while she was awake.  She's on a newborn's schedule where she stays up all night and sleeps all day.  Most of the time there's at least one family member in attendance.....often multiples.  We should all be so blessed.  

As my buddy remarked today it's "hot as the devil's draws" out there already and again.  Those few cool days were sweet, I'm just saying.  There's rain coming to wash the wheat dust out of the air a bit.  All is well except with my little garden.  I have two 'mater plants, a pepper and some squash that may or may not make it in spite of my valiant efforts with the redneck hose.  The grass has gone wild and it's too hot to pull it so uh I give.  Let nature take its' course, so to speak.  

The talent show at Litchfield prison is cracking me up.  I go back and forth from Bloodlines to that as the mood strikes me.  The light bulbs are out in a couple of rooms and I'm too short to change them so I'm kind of sitting in the dark a lot.  I need to invest in some decent lighting because I already can't see without my glasses.  Oh the joys of getting old.  

I'm really having a lot of fun exploring the farm with a good photographer who has a badass camera and mad skills.  I watch and we compose together then he spiffs them up and we post.  Win-win.

And so, let the chillaxing begin~

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