Friday, June 30, 2017


This has been about the longest week of my life since I was waiting for Christmas as a five year old.  Mama was a master at whipping us up into a frenzy over baby jeebus being born in the manger somewhere in the middle east.  She loved the holidays and made them special.  

Last fall during pecan season Mamye and I discovered the Old Camp peach pecan variety of whiskey thanks to the folks at Lucky Liquor.  Their store is small and has atmosphere like nobody's business.  Tracy is a singer like you wouldn't believe and she and Michelle have created a little community of customers over there that are loyal and off the beaten path.  Their store sits right next to Casey's and where the Planation Inn used to be.  Raise your hand if you remember our first decent motel.  It had a pool y'all!

So did the Holiday Inn at the corner of 78 and 51.  Later it became a Best Western and BG worked there doing the graveyard shift while she commuted to UT Martin pursuing a social work degree.  There were some high roller investors in the hotel who all pulled out and sold to CVS.  They had a cool bar called The Bull and the Bear.  That's where I met Cassie and Olivia and Brittany.  Lauren told me that duck hunters from Reelfoot would bring their kill in and clean 'em in the tubs which created quite a plumbing problem for other guests.  Gotta love rednecks. Anyway, that's how Lily came into our lives.  Bracken was the manager at the hotel and Lily was Sandye's kitten who clung ti her shoulder.  Lauren got her fixed and she became our one and only following many years of feral activity and fleas in the basement. 

The way I see it we're pretty much fucked right now with a POTUS who never knows when to quit tweeting.  That the media is buying into this shit and making money off of it makes me literally sick.  Sarah Huckabee?  Seriously.  You will be the next character on SNL. At least we still have some sort of healthcare infrastructure, Medicaid notwithstanding.  The key to wellness is good nutrition, exercise and preventive health and fun in moderation unless you get a chance to laugh like a hyena then go for it.  

Nobody's watching.  

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