Friday, June 2, 2017

say my name

I work with a lot of people, about 500 to be in the ballpark.  For the past month i've been on an alternate work assignment and have learned a lot about how the heart can be repaired.  I sit in that room covered in lead that is like a surgical suite with people who have been referred for treatment.  Most of the staff gets called by name.  I'm the random one in the corner who gets called sweetie looking like a nuisance to them.  We talk and cut up and share history but for the most part it's all business.  We need our jobs.  I'm an outsider.  

Aside from all that, my photography teacher came out and walked me down to the dairy barn to take pictures with his fancy ass camera.  His wife didn't have the shoes for it and he was on a mission with the tripod so there you go.  Did I mention how I hate to sweat?  I'm healing nicely from the derm treatments last week and looking forward to a date with the nitrous again so we can start with new skin that isn't sun damaged.  It's more user friendly than chemo.  

Here's the thing.  If only I had some cannabis oil this would all be a moot point.  Big Pharm has kept that issue at bay for many years.  CBDs have a positively curative effect with holistic health but this is illegal in most venues these days.  What a shame.

I blame you know who.

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