Tuesday, June 13, 2017

crop rotation

No sooner did the wheat get thrashed than the tractor showed up to get ready for bean planting.  Thank goodness they do no till because the smoke would be horrendous here on the hill if they burned it.  The beans will probably be ready right around the time Reaves is born if the weather plays nice which it's certainly not today.  It's 330pm and 94 freakin' degrees with no rain in sight.  I blew wheat dust out of my nose for two days straight.  I can hear the tractor whining as I type, right behind the barn.  

I'm totally out of the loop with news because I'm avoiding all things you know who.  Peaceful resistance and all that.  My fearless warrior of a friend is heading to the gulf coast for primitive tent camping with her two grandchildren.  Bound for her, there's a pretty serious chance of heavy rain while they're on the beach so she had to come up with plans B and C in case it gets too waterlogged.  Lord, I could use some beach.  

Stay cool kids, by whatever means necessary ~

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  1. Don't worry about the news, Janie. The tyrant is like a wild bear who is lost in the kitchen. Nothing good and all bad. Leaks have it he might fire Mueller. I didn't know Tennessee was right for wheat. Use it for moonshine?