Friday, June 16, 2017

riders in the storm

Today was a learning experience for sure which is what best practice should be about when it comes to patient care.  There is absolutely nothing worse than having somebody with a personal agenda coming up into your hard work and acting out.  The people who do this are normally retired professionals who know the ropes with federal funding and efficiency.  In the age of multiple systems and the EMR paper does not work too well.  Unfortunately it still exists.

The heavens opened up as I was heading home with more on the way.  Lorna and the kids are heading out come hell or high water tomorrow for the beach with tents in tow.  Her son Chris has become a very good friend and I admire his tech savvy as an IT genius.  At 40 years old he owns multiple businesses and is a dreamer for the development in downtown Dyersburg commerce and restoration.  It ain't much but it's all we're got so roll with it.  The building that he bought is rich with history and full of innovative ideas.   It used to be a paint store!

BG and Reaves are coming to visit and take inventory next week.  I'll be working but will have one day off with her for he return trip.  I'll totally take it 'cuz I miss her face.  I'll be at the sawmill weekend so just stay out of the ER is all  I'm saying.    That is all.  



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