Tuesday, June 20, 2017

let your hair down

My hair is the longest it's been in FOREVER so it's normally up in a clip because I shower at night and it's a mess in the mornings.  Today  I showed up with hair down around my shoulders and a few people had to look twice to identify me.  It was in the clip before lunch BTW.  

My honorary sister is very very sick and en route to a Memphis hospital.  We've known each other for years and years and I'm the one who told her she was pregnant!  She loves telling that story.  Please lift her up.  Her family and I stood around the isolation room exchanging phone numbers (again) and the plan was about to be executed as we said goodbye.  

BG should be on the way to Casa Poops with Reaves in utero and the bag she always carries for an overnighter.  I can't wait until she sees all that loot in the living room.  Poor Lorna is getting rained on mightily down there in Appalach with two kids and a tent.  I'm assuming they're on Plan B or C.  

Over and out~

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