Monday, June 12, 2017

risk management

We are currently one or two tweets away from self destructing as a country.  I don't know about ya'll but that makes me a little nervous what with the rest of the world being mad at us too.  I really don't have time for that.  BG went to the doctor today with Reaves in tow and got her sugar checked which is something all pregnant women have to do.  Next  time she gets Rh Immune globulin because she's Rh negative.  That's because she got a couple of D negative recessive genes from her ancestry.  It's what I do so we discovered that in 4th grade during science class in Ms Dean's room.  That's also where my brother did a weather play and she was a cloud.  Or maybe the sun.

I had the best of intentions in spite of fatigue and got up at 930 to face the day.  Out of all meds including the most important, I called the pharmacy and got that rolling.  When I stopped by the feed store to pick up some dust for Oscar, Stanley accused me of holding on to the 16 year old car that I drive.  Bitched at me to get a BMW with all my wealth.  Oh boy.  If only he knew how far I am into Chapter 13.  It was kind of ironic that my BK attorney showed up at car thief court and asked why I was there.  I guess you never know.

Currently there is marinara in the crock pot with baked pasta yet to come.  Somebody's gonna have a good lunch tomorrow at the sawmill.  Gotta' run and pick some basil for it.

Keep the faith ^j^

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